Lethal in Love: Episode 3 by Michelle Somers

Lethal in Love: Episode 3 by Michelle SomersLethal in Love: Episode 3 by Michelle Somers
Series: Lethal in Love #3
Published by RHA eBooks Adult on August 16th 2015
Pages: 97
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Jayda Thomasz is a sassy homicide detective who never lets her emotions get in the way of a case. So when a serial killer re-emerges after 25 years, the last thing she expects is to catch herself fantasising over the hot, smooth-talking stranger who crosses the path of her investigation.

Seth Friedin is a reporter chasing the story that'll make his career. When he enters the world of swinging for research, he never imagines he'll be distracted by a hard-talking female detective whose kiss plagues his mind long after she's gone.

Past experience has shown Jayda that reporters are ruthless and unscrupulous. But when the murders get personal, will she make a deal with the devil to catch the killer? How far will she and Seth have to go? And do you ever really know who you can trust?

I read episodes 2 and 3 all at once, which were well-written, thoroughly engaging, and an exercise in frustration.

Seth and Jayda push on with their investigation and this uneasy alliance, already fraught with sexual tension and a push-pull game that gets tiring quickly, is still up in the air by the time episode 3 ends. Books 2 and 3 are red-herrings in disguise, coupled with tempting morsels that the author throws out as hints that are supposed to eventually help assemble the jigsaw.

Unfortunately, a lot of the events feel like unnecessary filler that quite noticeably slows the pace of the action, even if it provides insight into both Seth and Jayda’s characters, who, at times, behave like hormonally-driven teenagers who can’t tell the difference between arse and head.

Prejudiced, obstinate and thoughtless in a partnership which she expects to get more than she gives, I found myself liking Jayda less and less – the long, introspective paragraphs just made her indecisive and odiously rude – as she behaves exactly the opposite of what I expect a solid detective to be. Demanding honesty and trust when she cannot even be bothered give her own, it’s difficult to imagine her rising in my estimation without some grand gestures I’d expect her to make in the course of this series. Seth, on the other hand, seems to grow in stature, his only crime perhaps being the infatuation with Jayda that pussy-whips him into meekly shouldering her unacceptable behaviour that he should have called her out on a long time ago. I can only hope for a change in this dynamic by the time the next book rolls around and yes, I’m just as eager as I’d been from episode 1 for it to all come to a head.