Black Dawn by Cristin Harber

Black Dawn by Cristin HarberBlack Dawn by Cristin Harber
Series: Titan #6
Published by Mill Creek Press on July 14th 2015
Pages: 288
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Parker Black wants the one woman he shouldn’t have—his buddy’s girl. She's sweet and smart, but clueless about how deep Parker lives in Titan’s virtual world. Everything is controlled. Chaos is mastered. Black and white data and risk analysis. That is the way he understands his world, how he plays his role to keep Titan teams alive.
But he’s wrong.
About everything.
Lexi Dare lives two lives. She’s an unhappy fiancée stuck in a spiraling relationship, unsure how she ended up with a ring on her finger and an abuser in her bed. But she’s also elusive. Elite. A master hacker playing deadly stakes.
When the lines blur and the truth comes out, Lexi’s only shot at survival is the trust of her rival—her equal—before it’s too late.

Going into Parker Black’s world is like stepping into hacker central and BlackDawn, his virtual codename – unbeknownst to him – has actually been an anchor for another hacker named Silver Chaos for the past decade. But Silver Chaos is in fact, Lexi Dare, a woman who in real life, is a victim of abuse, and in the small world of Titan, Lexi also happens to be the fiancée of Parker’s friend Matt.

Other Titan characters flit in and out of the story, but Black Dawn is really, a step away from an actual Titan op and into the fluid ethical boundaries of hacking and coding, a world that Parker has always believed is black and white. Parker’s professional and personal lives are set on a collision course when Lexi stumbles into his life; discovering her true virtual identity pushes them into unimaginable danger just as his attraction to her spikes along the way.

I thought this latest Titan installment was just entertaining as the previous Titan books have been, even if the action is over-the-top and require way more than a tad bit of suspension of disbelief, even if there’re few principles of hacking and coding that I truly understand. Instead, I’ve always been drawn to Titan’s quirky characters, their funny names and their antics, especially the alpha men who are strangely unafraid to fall into their heroines’ arms and call time on their bachelor status. Parker Black might be the latest, but hopefully not last to do so, if his story truly signals the end of the Titan series.