Avenged by Kaylea Cross

Avenged by Kaylea CrossAvenged by Kaylea Cross
Series: Hostage Rescue Team #5
Published by Createspace Independent Publishing Platform on June 24th 2015
Pages: 318
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When the past and present collide... Taya Kostas is a survivor. She's clawed her way back from the hell she was subjected to at the hands of an undercover agent working for the U.S. government. Since then she's dedicated her life to preventing the same from happening to anyone else. Now her story has come full circle. She's about to take the stand as the key federal witness in the biggest terrorist case the country has seen in years. But even though the man responsible for her nightmares is behind bars, the evil she escaped is still hunting her. When fate places her safety in the hands of the man who saved her life once before, together they race to stay one step ahead of a lethal enemy. He'll risk it all to save her.
For five years Special Agent Nathan Schroder has been battling his inner demons, but lately it seems like he's on the verge of losing that fight. Then Taya is suddenly thrust back into his life and in imminent danger, so he steps in to protect her. He's never forgotten her or the way she held up under fire, and this time he's not letting her walk away. The terrorists determined to prevent her from testifying will stop at nothing to silence her forever. She might be in official protective custody, but she's way more than a job to Nate. When the enemy finally strikes and her life hangs in the balance, he'll do anything to keep her safe.

I did like this addition to the HRT series, which is turning out to be a very entertaining one thus far, even if Avenged really isn’t my favourite. As much as I wish Kaylea Cross didn’t add a typical manwhore to the mix, I did appreciate her understanding of PTSD in here and her portrayal of a civilian heroine who has it together without needing to be a kickass, take-no-prisoners military personality.