Midnight Captive by Elle Kennedy

Midnight Captive by Elle KennedyMidnight Captive by Elle Kennedy
Series: Killer Instincts #6
Published by Signet on June 2nd 2015
Pages: 368
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Former CIA agent Bailey Jones has spent months trying to forget her night of passion with mercenary Sean Reilly. An elite and methodical assassin, she has no room in her life for a reckless, rule-breaking Irishman, and she’s vowed to steer clear of the tempting bad boy who lured her into his bed under false pretenses.
When Sean is implicated in the robbery of a Dublin bank, Bailey knows something isn’t right. So what if she can’t trust him? There’s no way Sean would end up on the wrong side of the law. In fact, he’s stuck in the middle of a dark and dirty conspiracy that could put his twin brother’s life at risk with one wrong move. And Bailey’s life too when she agrees to help.
As the stakes are raised and Bailey finds herself torn between two brothers, the fine line between danger and desire is crossed…and it’ll take more than a killer instinct to survive.

Reading ‘Midnight Captive’ is taking a step back into the retro days of the IRA bombings, when things were more easily categorised as ‘good’ and ‘evil’ – for the sake of reunification and nationalism of course. Elle Kennedy revives this decades-old conflict through the creation of a splinter group and familial rivalries, only to plant ex-CIA agent Bailey and Sean Reilly in the middle of this ticking time bomb (pun fully intended). But Sean and Bailey have a history and what starts out as a bank robbery tailspins into something out of control for the both of them. There’s no steadying the boat, and getting back on track unearths way too many secrets both would rather keep hidden.

The first third of the book kept me captivated, although the constant runaround got a little tired at the halfway mark, where I found myself reading about Irish characters I cared a lot less than I did about Bailey and Sean. On the side, Ms. Kennedy continues the M/M tete-a-tete between Liam and Sully, who do seem to have a host of problems coming to terms with the fact that they might have bisexual leanings.

‘Midnight Captive’ didn’t quite go exactly as I’d anticipated, but it was at least gratifying to see Sean’s burning obsession with Bailey reciprocated – at the very end, even though it stinks a little of lust-miraculously-turned-love.