Stranger Mine by Megan Mitcham

Stranger Mine by Megan MitchamStranger Mine by Megan Mitcham
Series: Base Branch #3
Published by Megan Mitcham on October 1st 2014
Pages: 250
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One takes control. One finds balance in letting go.
Base Branch operative, Ryan Noble is accustomed to taking orders whether from his commander or his overbearing mother. His best friend urged him to take control of his life, but the only thing worse than an angry woman is a teary one. He has no desire to upset his mother’s fragile emotions. Losing his sister was hard enough, his mom couldn’t bear losing another child. Even if it is to the other side of D.C. It's a damn good thing she doesn't know what he does for a living.
On a routine mission to destroy a cargo free human trafficking facility and exterminate it’s operators, Ryan blows his extraction to rescue a woman he finds chained inside.
Piper Vega is caught between metal and a hard place. She needs information and it has taken far too long to cull it from her leads, also known as her captors. She finally has the facts she needs to complete her task, but it’ll take a miracle to set her free and see it achieved. Santo Padre knows she never expected her good favor to come in the form of a man.
Through intense battles of will, Ryan takes the reins of life in his sturdy grip while Piper discovers balance in loosening hers and both find unexpected love.

Reading Megan Mitcham’s stuff typically leaves me with a frown on my face despite the sophisticated writing style – which can admittedly be distracting when the metaphors and the excessive use of the middle-voice start piling up and make the action scenes more complicated than they really are.

I never quite know what to do with her complex (but weird characters) and Ryan Noble is one such case. In any case, he meets his match in Piper Vega, an ex-cop who has burnt everything out in trying to keep her family together. She’s hardened, wants control and sucks at being a team player.

But it’s Ryan puzzles me most of all: behaving like a kid when it comes to deference in decision making, being mummy’s pushover boy, only letting out his repressed dom in BDSM clubs etc, yet despite this glaring fault, managed to make the rigorous psych cut to be an elite operative? Meeting Piper somehow miraculously stripped that layer of insecurity of him (supposedly through yielding to his dom side) and for that, he gains a measure of self-awareness and grows up.

I’m still hanging in disbelief here.