Stripping It Down by Jami Alden

Stripping It Down by Jami AldenStripping It Down Series: Donovan Brothers #1
Published by Kensington Publishing on February 6th 2015
Pages: 81
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Kit Loughlin has no qualms about discussing sex in her online column, Stripping it Down. Using the pseudonym C. Teaser, she keeps her private life private, including the intimate details of her first time, an awkward, humiliating experience with her high school crush, Jake Donovan. Now Jake has reappeared in her life with something to prove and a lot of new moves. And his scorching touch sends Kit into meltdown...

Most of the novella was really about sex and as steamy as it was, sex isn’t the equivalent of love. And 12 years, really? Jake Donovan had loved Kit for 12 years without doing anything about it, only to ‘realise’ that she was the one he’d always wanted after the hot sex? Not to mention, he’d been the one who’d toss her aside after their first time 12 years ago?