SWAT Secret Admirer by Elizabeth Heiter

SWAT Secret Admirer by Elizabeth HeiterSWAT Secret Admirer by Elizabeth Heiter
Series: The Lawmen #3
Published by Harlequin on March 17th 2015
Pages: 224
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A predator is no match for her protector…
It's been ten years since the attack that drove Maggie Delacorte to become an FBI SWAT agent. She's an elite fighter now—and when the Fishhook Rapist sends her a letter saying he's coming back for her, she knows she has to find him first. Her teammate Grant Larkin is assigned to the case, and he's determined to protect Maggie, even if it damages the connection that's been growing between them. And even if her attacker has decided that the way to get to Maggie is by targeting the people she cares about. Her feelings for Grant could get him killed, but she needs him—and his love—to make it through the worst danger yet…,

Maggie Delacorte’s history with the Fishhook rapist is about to come to a head but she isn’t in this alone. Grant Larkin, a member of her SWAT team who had transferred over 9 months ago, is determined to work the case and protect her at all costs, even as their attraction to each other grows steadily. Grant’s easy-going, smiley nature had me from the start and I thought he was a good match for Maggie, who has fought her way (and still fights) out of the trauma she endured 10 years ago.

I definitely liked the action although Ms Heiter’s apparent reluctance at following through with love scenes made the unresolved sexual tension as frustrating as coitus interruptus. It was good to see how the story played out and I only took issue with the passion that never really hit fever pitch between Maggie and Grant.