Hot Ice by Lynn Raye Harris

Hot Ice by Lynn Raye HarrisHot Ice by Lynn Raye Harris
Series: Hostile Operations Team, #7
Published by H.O.T. Publishing, LLC on January 27th 2015
Pages: 321
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When fire and ice collide, you get steam…
Grace Campbell leads a privileged life. The daughter of a United States senator, she moves within the social circles of the rich and famous. But Grace is also a scientist, and when someone learns she possesses the knowledge necessary to create a new super virus capable of destroying entire nations, she becomes a target for terror groups and foreign governments alike.
Garrett “Iceman” Spencer didn’t join the Army’s elite Hostile Operations Team to babysit a spoiled rich girl, but when his superiors insist on assigning him to a senator’s daughter as her security detail, he has no choice but to comply.
It’s a shock to find that beneath the glasses and serious scowl, Grace Campbell burns hot. And Garrett, who’s been burned before, suddenly wants to immerse himself in the flames.
Keeping Grace alive—and keeping his hands off her—is a full-time job for this HOT soldier. Failure is not an option…

Garrett Spencer finds himself playing bodyguard to Genetic scientist Grace Campbell and the assignment goes sideways the moment he gets ‘frisky’ with his principal.

And that’s disappointingly, the story in a nutshell because it could have been so much more.

The premise offers so much potential: a scientist who is targeted because of her work and an unwilling operative who finds himself caught in the web of politics and intrigue. While the big picture and that the whole overarching plot of under-the-table- weapons/arms dealing haven’t fully been unravelled yet with the mysterious Ian Black running free, I felt ‘Hot Ice’ was anti-climatic in many ways.

It’s a pity that too much of the book focuses on Grace’s insecurities, the frank, copious (and sometimes crude) sex, Garrett’s stupid ex and his precious daughter and his constant need to justify why he’ll never have a relationship…ad nauseum, especially since these scenes could have been replaced by tightening the screw on the suspense, layering the web of lies and further ratcheting up the romantic tension.

Grace’s naivety made me cringe and serves as a timely reminder why I’m cautious about stories that pair military operatives with civilians. There’s a fine line to tread when it comes to being ignorant about military tactics, wanting to be strong, and/or crossing it into TSTL moments. Despite Ms. Harris’s valiant attempt to make Grace a believable character, I found myself alternating between wanting to strangle her and congratulate her on calling Garrett out on his excuses for his manwhoring ways.

As frustrating as this was, I’m probably still optimistic (and crossing my fingers) enough to want to know how Flash gets it on.