Master of the Mill by Cate Toward

Master of the Mill by Cate TowardMaster of the Mill by Cate Toward
Published by Cate Toward on January 6th 2014
Pages: 119
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John Thornton, mill master, and a true son of north, a proud inheritor of its ethic of hard work and no nonsense. He is also a man of deep passions.
Margaret Hale, daughter of a parson, was brought up in the gently, idyllic seeming South, she has a naïve view of the world that the cynical mill master does not share.

It’s my love for Richard Armitage in North and South that brought me down a winding path down the road of fanfiction…and to this short, steamy version of N&S. Cate Toward’s Master of the Mill is a very different and almost modern take on John Thornton – a worldly man with appetites to be fulfilled – which I found intriguing and extremely different from all the versions I’ve come across but one that I can envision given the way Armitage plays Thornton.