Sympathy for the Devil by Kelly Hunter

Sympathy for the Devil by Kelly HunterSympathy for the Devil by Kelly Hunter
Series: International Bad Boys #4
Published by Smashwords Edition on October 8th 2014
Pages: 106
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Bad boy Caleb Jackson has a secret. At eighteen he'd fallen for his brother's girl - hard. One steamy summer night, Bree Tucker had offered him her innocence, he'd offered up his heart, and together they'd set the sheets on fire. And then she'd fled the town.
Ten years later, Bree is back and the passion between them burns brighter than ever. This time, Caleb makes his intentions ruthlessly, publicly clear. He wants her. He aims to claim her.
And to hell if old secrets will out.

Caleb carries a burden that no one but Eli knows about and it’s this weighty guilt that has translated into an unmovable sense of responsibility and loyalty to the rest of his brothers over the years. But wrongly-kept secrets obviously have a way of blowing up in people’s faces and this is no different.

Even with a decidedly New-Adult feel to the book, considering its short length, I was swept away – in that short hour or so that it took me to finish the book – by the family’s storm in a teacup that threatened to ruin the hard-fought relationships between the brothers.

My gripe really is the oft-used man-whore stereotype here that made me roll my eyes in exasperation. There’s a reason I like Eli’s cautious approach to relationships because he’s simply so different from these bad playboys. Yet Kelly Hunter’s succinct but lyrical exposition and of the characters’ feelings and thoughts – all contained within 90 or so pages – is impressive and while there aren’t epic narratives or existential angst here (I’d be surprised if there were), seeing Caleb and Bree get their act together after a decade is a satisfactory experience.