One Night More by Mandy Baxter

One Night More by Mandy BaxterOne Night More by Mandy Baxter
Series: U.S. Marshals, #1
Published by Zebra on September 2nd 2014
Pages: 352
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Getting saved from disaster by a handsome stranger—Harper Allen has no problem with that. But when he leaves without a word or a clue to his real identity, the newbie reporter writes it off as the best one-night-stand she’ll never have again. Until a year later, when Harper comes face to face with the man assigned to hide her from a senator’s killer…
Galen Kelly hasn’t forgotten a single sensual minute of his night with Harper... or that she betrayed him. But with the FBI also on their trail, he’s got to pretend he’s never met her or risk both their lives. But as danger closes in, Galen may not be able to protect himself from taking the biggest risk of all…

I’d give this book a higher rating if not for an annoying and idiotic heroine (for the record, sneaking out, ditching your protective detail, withholding information isn’t ‘feisty’ or ‘determined’, but rather the definition of moronic) who can’t seem to step back from a line called “being too stupid to live”. Many of her actions – which nearly made me bite my tongue off – are selfish, reckless and childish and typically, only realised too late.

I wonder if authors, in their eagerness to portray a strong, independent female, unknowingly but ironically slip them into a neat, cliched category where they’re more disliked than admired.

It isn’t going to make me give up on this series, but I’m certainly hoping that the second book wouldn’t be like this.