Friends to Forever by Nikki Logan

Friends to Forever by Nikki LoganFriends to Forever by Nikki Logan
Published by Harlequin on April 5th 2011
Pages: 192
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She was the high school princess. He was the high school nobody.But Marc Duncannon and Beth Hughes were the best of friends--until a heated kiss exposed secrets and ruined everything....
Ten years later Beth seeks out Marc, and finds him battling to save a stranded whale. Together on a lonely Australian beach, they face exhaustion, the elements and their own personal demons--for Beth and Marc need to save each other, too. They discover that their friendship "is" worth fighting for--but between them might be something even stronger...perhaps a love that could last a lifetime...?

As much as I love Nikki Logan’s exhaustive introspection when it comes to human behaviour, the sheer amount in this one with all its twists and turns gave me a grimace and a headache.

Yes, it’s intense, it’s gut-wrenching and emotion, but after a while I just couldn’t make sense of the long drawn out arguments why both the H/h should be staying away from each other and why they should be.