Hot Pursuit by Lynn Raye Harris

Hot Pursuit by Lynn Raye HarrisHot Pursuit by Lynn Raye Harris
Series: Hostile Operations Team #1
Published by H.O.T. Publishing, LLC on July 17th 2013
Pages: 386
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He was the last man in the world she wanted to see…but he might be the only one who could save her…
Ten years ago, Matt Girard did something he shouldn’t. When sweet Evangeline Baker offered him her virginity, he took it. Then he left town and he’s never looked back.
Until now. His future as a black ops soldier with the Hostile Operations Team is in jeopardy, and he’s come home for a few days before going back to face the consequences of a mission gone wrong.
Matt still makes Evie’s heart pound, but she wants nothing to do with him. She’s had enough of men who lie and promise things they don’t deliver. But when her sister goes missing and her ex-boyfriend turns up dead, she’s in need of Matt’s special military skills.
With time running out, Matt will put everything on the line to protect Evie and find her sister. Even if it means sacrificing all he’s worked for with HOT. Sometimes, the reward is worth the price. Especially when it’s the one woman he can’t forget…

Matt Girard returns to Rochambeau with his tail between his legs after an op gone wrong, only to face a woman whom he hasn’t seen for 10 years. they’ve got history alright, and it all ended in a bitter note after he bragged about taking her virginity.

War has a way of taking it out of you, so the man that Evie Baker sees is a different one from the arrogant, entitled boy she remembers. They battle with their feelings just as a series of events collude to bring them closer together.

I hesitated to read Hot Pursuit for the longest time and actually plowed through the rest of the HOT books before finally returning to this one….and finally realised why it has been panned by a number of reviewers. Matt Girard is such a different man here than the one I read about in the later books that it feels as though I’m reading about a completely different person. Sure, he isn’t too much of the neanderthal asshole that’s found too often in the romance genre, but I can’t say the same for the ridiculous actions of Evie Baker, who seems to lose her wits and common sense each time a situation comes up. Writing a needy female who also shouldn’t be a total washout is tricky business; unfortunately, Ms Harris didn’t quite get the balance right here. After having gone through the likes of Georgie and Lucky, I was quite ready to drop Evie like a pan of hot potatoes.

That said, I do like Harris’s writing, and am now hoping for a *kickass* heroine in the next book involving Nick and Victoria (who’s supposedly another sniper).