Hot Shot by Lynn Raye Harris

Hot Shot by Lynn Raye HarrisHot Shot by Lynn Raye Harris
Series: Hostile Operations Team #5
Published by H.O.T. Publishing, LLC on June 30th 2014
Pages: 215
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Cool under pressure… Until now.
Hostile Operations Team sniper Jack “Hawk” Hunter is cool, methodical, and utterly lethal. Nothing rattles Jack’s calm. But that was before he learned he fathered a child three years ago—a child who has just been kidnapped.
Gina Domenico is a superstar, a pop sensation with a string of hit records. But deep inside, she’s still the lonely girl she’s always been. When Jack saved her from an arms dealer, they spent three unforgettable days together waiting for rescue—and Gina fell hard for the sexy soldier before he walked away forever.
But now she needs his help and she’ll do anything to get it. Though Jack can never forgive Gina for keeping his child from him, he’ll do everything in his power—and HOT’s—to bring their son home safely.
Nothing is what it seems, however, and their fates hang in the balance as someone else pulls the strings…and brings them ever closer to an explosive confrontation that could either save their son—or cost them everything.

Hot Shot bears all of the hallmarks of all the HOT books I’ve seen thus far: Fast-paced, high-octane action, some humour, the inclusion of the HOT gang (which I really like) and the well-written narrative that doesn’t make me stumble in any way. Love the sneaky way Nick and Victoria are introduced as well somewhere in between.

That being said, I’ve got very mixed feelings about this one though, particularly with a pairing that’s as tricky as Jack and Gina. While I can appreciate how Ms Harris deals with the issues surrounding a celebrity’s high-profile lifestyle vs. an operative’s life under the radar (throw a love child into the mix too), I’m still not too sold on the characterisation of Jack-the-arse for most of the story, even though he comes round at the end.